Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hashbrowns Café @ 19458 Conant Street, Detroit. 9 out of 10.

This week my quest for good restaurants in north Detroit compelled me to return to the east side, where last time's experience was less than stellar. My first destination was Yiu Chan Carry Out on 7 Mile. Unfortunately, they were not open for lunch, and neither is the place across the street from them. I learned this as a white Chevy Tahoe attempted to run me over and then illegally passed another car while running a red light.

My next stop was Hashbrown's Café. I had seen it on Google Maps and had seen it on my way to Yiu Chan. I was excited as I pulled into the parking lot, hoping this was a restaurant with good service and not just a person handing me food from behind a glass wall. As I entered, I noticed there was no glass!

I had my choice of sitting at the bar or sitting at a booth. Since I was solo, I chose the bar. The menu featured a good variety of breakfast and lunch items, but I opted for breakfast since I wanted to try the namesake hashbrowns. I ordered them with turkey bacon, egg whites, and wheat toast. I was glad to see that they serve turkey bacon since I don't eat swine. When offering toast, the waitress asked, "White, wheat, or Texas?" I thought this was a unique touch.

While I waited, I listened to some rap music emanating from the 1990's Sony boombox, and I watched Wendy Williams talk about how red leather pants are back in style on the small TV in the corner. The decor was a mix of yellow, purple, and red -- even the bar stools featured these colors, alternating. Everything was very clean, and even though it was cold outside, it felt warm inside. The only negatives were that an edger and a snowblower were being stored right next to the bar in the customer area, and some of the ceiling tiles were stained from water leakage. But overall, a very pleasant ambience.

My food arrived, and I began to drool. The photo doesn't do it justice. I started with the turkey bacon, savoring every bite. Then I tried the hashbrowns, which were peppered with delicousness. The egg whites and the toast were nothing special, but they still tasted good. I saved some turkey bacon and hashbrowns till the end, and then I realized how full my stomach was. I forgot to ask for iced tea (which my wife loves), but I suspect they don't have it fresh-brewed. Also, I didn't have time to check the menu for omelettes, but if they do, they should be featured more prominently on the menu. I talked to the owner a bit, who thought I might be writing for a newspaper. He said they've been open for 12 years, which is amazing considering the volatile economy. I give Hashbrowns a 9 out of 10. With good service and good food, Hashbrowns is one of the best so far!

Courtesy of Google Street View

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